Oulu 13-14.2.2013

Winter Cycling Congress


It was great to be here! Check our pictures

Who is coming?

There is so far over 100 of us!

Why attend

Winter cycling congress is the only international cycling conference concentrating on winter cycling. The two day event offers delegates from around the world a chance to share best practices for creating and sustaining cycling-friendly cities though out the year, even in challenging winter conditions.

Why in Oulu? Well, to start with the City of Oulu is well known for its’ high share of winter cyclist despite the extremely cold and snowy winter conditions. We been around the world and haven’t found another city with similar winter cyclist rates. And when we talk about winter, we mean business: the Oulu region has an average temperature of – 9 ℃ in February and about 160 – 175 days with snow coverage/year. The thermal winter period lasts from early November to mid April. Out of all the trips made in Oulu about 12 % are done by bike even during the coldest winter months. During summer months the share is 23 %.

So, we here in Oulu feel that we have a lot to offer for other cities with similar winter conditions struggling with promoting a-year-round cycling. Therefore the Winter Cycling Congress will be arranged for the first time in February 2013 in our beloved city. Based on our experiences presenting winter cycling all over the world and common increasing global interest shown on cycling, we expect the congress to attract up to 250 delegates.

The event will draw experts from several areas of expertise, such as civil engineering, traffic engineering, politics, education, health, economics and the environment specialist just to mention a few. The change of knowledge and experiences on winter cycling will prove to be valuable in achieving our common goals promoting a-year-round cycling.
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