Oulu 13-14.2.2013

Winter Cycling Congress

Conference committee

Winter Cycling Congress 2013 is organised by the City of Oulu and Navico Ltd. Organising committee consists of winter cycling specialists of these organisations.

Timo Perälä

Congress director for winter cycling congress 2013. Perälä works as the CEO of Navico Ltd, a small consultancy company specialised in mobility management. A standard Oulu-based cyclist himself (no lycra, just a granny bike all-year-round), Perälä has completed several winter cycling and winter maintenance related researches and studies. He’s been presenting his winter cycling and maintenance studies abroad in several occasions.

Mauri Myllylä

Mr. Mauri Myllylä is former traffic engineer of the city of Oulu and well known grand old man in the Finnish cycling scene. Thanks to him, the cycling network as it is in Oulu, exists. Officially retired in late 90’s, he still takes part in cycling development projects and updates his blog concentrating on traffic issues.

Jorma Heikkinen

Mr. Jorma Heikkinen is the Oulu city traffic engineer responsible for cycling and pedestrian development. Mr. Heikkinen has the front seat in all the cycling development projects in Oulu region and he also has a concrete touch to it as he cycles all his working trips through out the year.

Pekka Tahkola

Active all-year-round cyclist and traffic engineer Mr. Pekka Tahkola wrote his master's thesis on improving the cycling conditions in Oulu a couple of years ago and has ever since been an active spokesperson for cycling, also participating in researches and organizing cycling events.


Navico Oy
Kirkkokatu 8 A 9, Oulu, 90100.